Collage of fruits and vegetables

Guide to Vegetables and Fruits

Buying healthy, fresh produce in season and on a budget Winter Apples Avocado Bananas Carrots Celery Grapefruit Jicama Kiwi Oranges Papaya Passionfruit Pears Pineapple Pomegranate Tangerines Spring Apples Apricots Avocado Bananas Berries Broccoli Carrots Celery Honeydew Jicama Lettuces Mangos Oranges Papaya Pea Pods Pineapple Rhubarb Snow Peas Strawberries Sugar Snap Peas Summer Apples Apricots Asian Pears Avocado Bananas Bell Peppers Blackberries Blueberries Broccoli Carrots Cantaloupe Celery Cherries Cucumbers Figs Grapes Green Beans Honeydew Kiwi Mangos Nectarines Papaya Passion Fruit Peaches Pineapple Plums Radishes Raspberries Strawberries Summer Squash Tomatoes Watermelon Zucchini Fall Apples Avocado Bananas Bell Peppers Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Celery… Read More

Importance of Music & Movement in the Education of Young Children

Many people think about learning the alphabet, counting and recognizing shapes when envisioning early childhood education. While those are all very important for children to learn, music and dance can be helpful as well. Incorporating music and movement into early childhood education can help young children with development, social interaction and language growth. Read more on

7 Ways Kids Benefit From Yoga

It’s hard to be a kid today. Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and be creative in how they reach even the most isolated child. Yoga is a low-cost, helpful tool that can have a positive impact on children. Read more on

7 Meditation Apps for Kids

Many parents say meditation is a helpful tool for their kids. More research is needed to understand how meditation might specifically benefit kids with learning and attention issues. But it can be a good way to help all kids cope with stress and “quiet the mind.” Here are seven apps to introduce your child to meditation. You may also want to check out self-control apps for young kids and for teens and tweens. Read More on

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